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Wed May 3 06:12:13 UTC 2006

> I think, if we would create a visible button (something I showed in the
> screenshot yesterday) and prevent theme creators to modify it (dont forget
> that most of them not visually trained) we would end up a consistent,
> user-friendly

we should not prevent anybody from messing up their desktop in any way they
wish. I assume the creator of the user of screenshot you provided is happy
with what she/he did.

and always good looking desktop. By the way, following a general gnome-like
> design principle, doesn't mean we have to except everything slavishly and
> adopting even the bad ideas.


That the launchers doesn't have a button appearance is ok, because
> "buttonifing" the application menu would mean showing it has a priority over
> other items; it is the most important item on the panel, more important than
> the launcher icons. And you still can create a subtle rollover effect by
> slightly altering its color when clicking on it.

If it's more important or not that again depends on the user. I agree it is
quite important, but that is why it is put in a quickly reachable corner
(almost) by itself.

I don't think that making a button look as if it was selected when it is not
is a good idea. Making it more prominent some other way  may be ok , but
only if it does not create a distraction during normal use.
BTW how does kde do this? Any screenshots?

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