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                                                               Hi Jani,
         Take a look at the following screenshot.
        What I thought is that this should be the normal state of the application button. After all the purpous of the button is to provide a visual clue to the user that this is the menu. Perhaps giving some background color to it to make it stick out even further. Something like the windows start or the kde menu buttons. Those buttons are unmistakable at any state. Currently, xubuntu has no visual clue in the normal state that there is a button there.  What do you think? 

Right currently there's no visual clue, but the same goes for all laucnher on the panel. Or menus in other applications.
It's also the case with ubuntu/gnome menu. Having it highlighted may give the impression that is already selected and active no? 


First, we have only one menu, which in my view, offers itself for button-ification. 
    Unlike Gnome that has three menu entries. But speaking of gnome here are two ugly examples how the gnome approach can f...up the desktop by allowing theme creators to modify the Applications labels. 
    Look at these two examples, but there are tons like this.
    In the first one, notice how the theme altered the text color showing against a light gradient background creating a poor legibility for the entries. In the second example, (and the first one as well) the background that has been created does not show that there we have three entries. So the user might easily think that the Application, Places and System just the name of one single menu entry. Inconsistent, confusing and not very elegant. 
    I think, if we would create a visible button (something I showed in the screenshot yesterday) and prevent theme creators to modify it (dont forget that most of them not visually trained) we would end up a consistent, user-friendly and always good looking desktop. By the way, following a general gnome-like design principle, doesn't mean we have to except everything slavishly and adopting even the bad ideas.
    That the launchers doesn't have a button appearance is ok, because "buttonifing" the application menu would mean showing it has a priority over other items; it is the most important item on the panel, more important than the launcher icons. And you still can create a subtle rollover effect by slightly altering its color when clicking on it.
    This is my opinion anyway.
    J. Mak
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