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Sat Jun 3 13:34:26 UTC 2006

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Gauvain Pocentek wrote:
> 1. Is it reasonable to include gstreamer in xubuntu?

It has been stated in a couple places (#xubuntu and #bmpx on FN come to
mind immediately) that GSt more or less is "the way of future", and I
tend to agree. The fact that two major desktop environments (GNOME and
KDE) have moved to this backend ensures healthy, active development and
maintenance, so it is certainly reasonable and perhaps preferable to
include GSt by default in Xubuntu Edgy. On the other hand, Xine-lib
isn't to be discounted just because of this momentum.

> 2. Is totem a good choice (I've never used it myself)?

Personally totem is fine. One's initial "feel" given the trim of the
rest of Xubuntu, however, may be that it's a bit on the heavy side. On
the other hand, it works a heck of a lot better /right now/ than
xfmedia, so as Jani alludes to in a later post, we should monitor the
latter's progress. Totem definitely plays audio CDs, videos, and audio,
so it's a good choice. Whether that choice == default, well...

> 3. Other proposition(s) for multimedia?

Are we still seeking consolidation of media player{,s}? I'm an unabashed
fan of Quod Libet for audio, and I use Gxine for video. Granted these
two programs use two different backends, so we'll have the consolidation

In the short term, I propose we shuffle xfmedia to universe and replace
it with Gxine in main. Darren Salt (upstream) has been extremely helpful
and is quite responsive in helping the MOTUMedia team get the packages
into shape for Ubuntu{,Dapper}.

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