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Fri Jan 20 05:33:44 UTC 2006


As I said, I was temporarily removing the apps so xubuntu-desktop can get in
without being held up  by sylpheed for instance.
I think these apps can get into main (although sylpheed had some security
problems in the past,
but we can't expect 0 vulnerabilities for all apps as Xfce core has) just
not this week.
I will put them in the main inclusion queue.
So this means they hopefully still be available on the CD.

I would suggest  to consider such apps as part of xubuntu, they will
> not be included in dapper xubuntu ... but if the xubuntu team trust
> them , I'm pretty sure they 'll grow faster.

which specific apps you have in mind? besides the one which were in

i can write a wiki page ... if you think that can help .. let me know.
> in that case .. is this the page from where i should begin ?
> -

yes. thank you. But remember to heed the warning at the top of that page :)

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