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daniele favara danjele at
Fri Jan 20 00:16:53 UTC 2006

On 1/19/06, Oblio <apa_chioara at> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > we need to start promoting the packages to main so
> > CDs can be made, and as a
> > result
> > I am temporarily removing a few packages from the
> > default xubuntu-desktop.
> > This is so
> > that packages which did not get reviewed yet for
> > security and other criteria
> > which is a prerequisite of
> > being allowed to main, do not hold up the core xfce
> > ones being transitioned.
> >
> > A package in main should have all it's build
> > dependencies satisfied in main
> > so I removed most of the panel plugin
> > goodies, sylpheed, gqview and graveman. I also
> > removed esound from the
> > default as I think we should be ok with
> > plain alsa.
> >
> > Jani
> Sounds fine.
> Does this mean that they won't be available on the CD?
> Some of them are quite necessary (Graveman, panel
> plugins, Sylpheed).
> Using ALSA is good :)

i think so ... graveman is a "new" project if I'm not wrong, and
sylpheed (gtk2) too... i was thinking it was hard to have them in main
... and i can even understand.

i feel that dapper will not be the xubuntu release, there are a lot of
gtk2 applications that have been developed for the Gnome DM, and the
gnome free apps seem to be really young but even active and maybe for
next release something will change.

i would say thanks to jani that's promoting xfce and gtk2 apps to
main. This will help very much for the future ... i really think a
gnome free desktop can have an high usability ... anyway.

I would suggest  to consider such apps as part of xubuntu, they will
not be included in dapper xubuntu ... but if the xubuntu team trust
them , I'm pretty sure they 'll grow faster.

it would be perfect to have to have list of the possible xubuntu apps
dividing them in sections like,

- development
- editors
- games
- Internet
- multimedia
- office
- ---> system:
                      - utilities
                      - settings
                      - .....

and adding infos about if it's already in main or it's not ...  like:

graveman | cdrecord (  :/   )

i can write a wiki page ... if you think that can help .. let me know.

in that case .. is this the page from where i should begin ?




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