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daniele favara danjele at
Fri Jan 20 06:01:51 UTC 2006

On 1/20/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> Hi
> As I said, I was temporarily removing the apps so xubuntu-desktop can get in
> main
> without being held up  by sylpheed for instance.
> I think these apps can get into main (although sylpheed had some security
> problems in the past,
> but we can't expect 0 vulnerabilities for all apps as Xfce core has) just
> not this week.
> I will put them in the main inclusion queue.
> So this means they hopefully still be available on the CD.

I tried out graveman for ex .. and i still need to use cdrecord for
multisession cds,  that app, in my opinion, still needs to improve ...
 (if xfburn will take times to be fully usable)

> > I would suggest  to consider such apps as part of xubuntu, they will
> > not be included in dapper xubuntu ... but if the xubuntu team trust
> > them , I'm pretty sure they 'll grow faster.
> which specific apps you have in mind? besides the one which were in
> xubuntu-desktop?

TEMPORARILY  removing <-- that's a key word :).

i've misunderstood ... it seems

i was not expecting to see sylpheed (gtk2) in main  and less ..
graveman ... but if that will be possible .. it's really cool.

> > i can write a wiki page ... if you think that can help .. let me know.
> >
> > in that case .. is this the page from where i should begin ?
> >
> > -
> >
> yes. thank you. But remember to heed the warning at the top of that page :)

yes i will, i'll check xubuntu-desktop to see its dependencies ...  my
ideas is to have a layout of the wiki page that reproduces the final
xubuntu menu, where step by step will be highligthed the pkges that
have been included in main, as the menu is made from desktop files it
could be useful to have them in the correct menu section. I'll explain
better what i mean  within another mail ...  and i hope to find the
time to do that by sunday.



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