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Gauvain Pocentek gauvainpocentek at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 18:29:34 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
> Hi Gauvain,

Hello Jani :)

>     Ubuntu 6.06.1 will be out soon. I was thinking about updating a few
>     packages such as xfburn (for the resizing issue) and taskmanager
>     (random
>     crashes).
>     Are there some other packages that could be interesting to update in
>     dapper (for *bug fixes* only)?

> I am not sure if it's not too late now for 6.06.1? It should be out in
> a day or two I thought. Even
> if the fixes you propose do not make the image, if we decide they go
> in dapper-updates it's still
> OK as users upgrade.

yep, it might be too late for 6.06.1 but some well tested updates won't

> So the reason I did not start picking bugfixes or work on getting the
> whole 4.4beta2 in dapper-updates
> was lack of time. I am sure dapper users will appreciate some of the
> more prominent fixes but there
> is nothing serious I know of. The taskmanager crasher I could no
> longer reproduce and I did not apply
> the fix in dapper because it seemed to fix another bug. Do you think
> the patch in LP fixes the same issue
> we had? As for xfburn there were some segfaults in the dapper version
> (there are some new in alpha0.1.0 as well)
> but nothing that loooked too annoying or causing dataloss, so I did
> not consider xfburn either.
> What is the resize issue you mention?

It's bug 46082. This two bugs are quite annoying (especially the xfburn
one I think, for people using a low resolution). I'm going to reinstall
a dapper box and test the backports.

> In conclusion I am OK with us trying to get a newer Xfce in for dapper
> users, but it needs to be tested in edgy first
> as we cannot permit regressions. To get edgy tested we have to
> convince people to run it, and that is less likely to happen if we
> have the same Xfce in dapper ;)
> I planned to get 4.4 final in dapper-updates anyway, once it was
> released and tested in edgy, but did not think of
> updating until then.

My idea about the updates was to wait for the stable release to backport
it to dapper. As you said, there's no really big bug, and no need to
have several updates.

> Jani


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