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Wed Apr 26 16:39:54 UTC 2006


> Window Manager Preferences
> Picks up a specific keybinding theme from my previous XFCE 4.2.3
> settings, but doesn't allow new Shortcuts to be added? Have to
> create a new theme!? Can't find how to even add a custom key-
> binding.... am I missing something?

indeed this is an annoying upstream feature.  In recent versions it should
be a bit
easier, add a new theme and it keeps the rest of the keys. But I agree it is
to thnk of this as 'themes' indtead of sinpy keys but I guess it is
historical and upstream
does not seem like is going to change it. And we don't have enough resources
to tweak
and maintain changes to upstream xfce desktop as we think would be

Applications Menu (Xubuntu specific?)
> File Manager should default to Thunar. Wow, haven't checked it
> out for a while now and I'm impressed.

it is thunar now

Separate Lock Screen panel action should be included
> (ie. not small and included, but separate)

not sure if many more panel applets are needed. It becomes visually
cluttered easily.

For your average user, under Applications/System sub-menu:
> Where is the network device manager GUI?

in universe still unfortunately (xubuntu-system-tools)

Where is the gnome-cups-manager GUI, or a GTK-only equivalent?

was in my plans but seems won't be there for  dapper :(  and there's no
gtk only thing like that AFAIK. Upstream xfce does not have such tool.

These functions are absolute essentials for a desktop.

I agree with this.

The xfce4-taskmanager should definitely be either on the panel by
> default, or at the very least available via the (+) Add New Item

it's a techie thing. Users shoould not care about 'processes'

option on the panel. This is one of the most important apps for
> your average GUI centric user, when a bloated application like
> decides to freeze.

it's not a panel plugin but a normal app so cannot be there. As for freezing
try ctrl-alt-esc (should trigger xkill, if not it's a bug)

I'm not convinced that minimizing apps to icons on the desktop is a
> good idea... why the introduction of yet another way of showing

me neither :) File launchers  the default since last week, the minimized
apps is upstream default
for CDE compatibility/nostalgy. There are people who like that but we try to
follow what is common
on other desktops.

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