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Dale fastfoo at
Wed Apr 26 16:20:01 UTC 2006

Hi there

I've recently installed Ubuntu (from a Dapper flight 6 CD), removed
GNOME and installed xubuntu-desktop. No major updates yet though....
bandwidth restrictions here in Africa :) Anyway, hope this is useful.
Let me know if any/many of these issues have been subsequently reviewed
and/or suggested.

Window Manager Preferences

Picks up a specific keybinding theme from my previous XFCE 4.2.3
settings, but doesn't allow new Shortcuts to be added? Have to
create a new theme!? Can't find how to even add a custom key-
binding.... am I missing something?

Applications Menu (Xubuntu specific?)

File Manager should default to Thunar. Wow, haven't checked it
out for a while now and I'm impressed.

Separate Lock Screen panel action should be included
(ie. not small and included, but separate)

For your average user, under Applications/System sub-menu:

Where is the network device manager GUI?
Where is the gnome-cups-manager GUI, or a GTK-only equivalent?

These functions are absolute essentials for a desktop.

The xfce4-taskmanager should definitely be either on the panel by
default, or at the very least available via the (+) Add New Item
option on the panel. This is one of the most important apps for
your average GUI centric user, when a bloated application like decides to freeze.

I'm not convinced that minimizing apps to icons on the desktop is a
good idea... why the introduction of yet another way of showing
users which apps are minimized? (I know, this is Xfce development 
specific). Shouldn't the open source desktop be avoiding further 
confusion, especially to users migrating from
other desktops and OSs.

A screenshot based on my suggestions as to the default Xfce desktop for
Xubuntu follows. The exact icons/order/layout may not be ideal, but the
specific launchers are what I always have to add to new Xfce users'
desktops in order to make them happy ;) (Read: non-technical, ex-MS users)


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