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Tue Apr 25 09:34:46 UTC 2006

> Regarding the reasons for Xubuntu's existence - what is the attitude to
> Gnome / KDE apps ?
> 1. Brakes on - only if we have to use it ?
> 2. Embrace ?
> 3. Stats on memory usage ?

As stated on the wiki we will use gtk only apps in the default install,
anything else can be later installed from the repositories by the user.

Once a single Gnome app is in use, is the slippery slope already slipped ?
> Do we then not care if another Gnome app is started, because all the
> libraries are already resident ?

when  a Gnome app is already started the impact is indeed not the same when
starting a new one.
However startup time is still affected by the ~30 extra shared objects
linked against, and these
shared objects still have per-application memory costs too, not everything
is shared.
The only exceptions to gnome libs are gnomecanvas, gnomeprint and gconf
which are relatively small
and either needed for core functionality or too deeply integrated to be
worth messing with at this stage.

Is the main/only reason to use Xubuntu the lightweight window manager,
> and (for a Thin Client) the reduced network traffic for graphics ?

I don't know if network traffic is reduced, since whatever is on the screen
is transmitted
and that is the same size regardless of desktop in use. but someone with
LTSP experience can
correct me if this is not the case.
The main reason as I see it, is having a well supported distro on hardware
which otherwise would
not run free software, or would run some hard to maintain customized linux

Is there a table that lists, by application area, what app is used by
> Xubuntu / Kubuntu / Ubuntu / Edubuntu ?

no such lists. We use abiword, with gnumeric  planned for addtion and some
other gtk apps.
But feel free to start such a comparison table on the wiki :)

> Will xubuntu-desktop make it onto the single CD release ?

sure, here you can download either the classical text-install CD, or the
live/desktop one.
both are significantly smaller than ubuntu/kubuntu and the free space we
intend to fill with
additional language packs.

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