Andy Rabagliati andyr at wizzy.com
Tue Apr 25 07:42:14 UTC 2006

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Jonathan Carter wrote:

> > Other than that it's ok. Anyway: release early,
> > release often is the key to succes.
> Yeah, I went with what Jani said and just made it live :)

At http://www.xubuntu.org/ ..

Thanks Jonathan. My main interest in Xubuntu is for Thin Client labs.

It says :-
    © 2006 Canonical. Canonical, Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu are
    registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.

Just checking - is Xubuntu trademarked ?

Still some speling mistakes on the front page ?

Regarding the reasons for Xubuntu's existence - what is the attitude to
Gnome / KDE apps ?

1. Brakes on - only if we have to use it ?
2. Embrace ?
3. Stats on memory usage ?

Once a single Gnome app is in use, is the slippery slope already slipped ?
Do we then not care if another Gnome app is started, because all the
libraries are already resident ?

Is the main/only reason to use Xubuntu the lightweight window manager,
and (for a Thin Client) the reduced network traffic for graphics ?

Is there a table that lists, by application area, what app is used by
Xubuntu / Kubuntu / Ubuntu / Edubuntu ?

Something like :-

	Xubuntu	Kubuntu	Ubuntu	Edubuntu
WP	Abiword	Koffice	OOffice	OOffice

Sorry for all the questions - mainly to prompt discussion. I think the
Ubuntu-theming of the Xfce desktop is beautiful, the top-left start
button a HUGE improvement of the CDE button bar.

Will xubuntu-desktop make it onto the single CD release ?

Cheers,      Andy!

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