Issues with workarounds for the Xubuntu Live CD ISO images recently announced

Brian Masinick masinick at
Sun Apr 23 17:49:18 UTC 2006

Last night I downloaded whatever the current dapper-live-i386.iso 
happens to be, and I encountered two issues, one of which can be fairly 
easily worked around (but should be fixed), and the other which might be 
worked around only by an expert.

I am not familiar with the reporting mechanisms, so please let me know 
what steps need to be taken.

1. The Live CD boots up fine, but puts you at a login screen, expecting 
a user id.  However, during the splash screen, I noted that automatic 
logins had supposedly been enabled.  They are not working.  My 
workaround was to go into a console, which fortunately was already 
logged in.  From there, I changed the password on both root and ubuntu, 
both for safety's sake and so I would know how to get in.  That 
workaround was OK, but this process needs streamlining so the Live CD 
will be easier for consumers to use.

2. I also attempted an installation.  The menus were really nice and 
clean, and the things to do were obvious, but I noted that the time zone 
routines are missing from the build, which means that the installation 
procedure gets stuck at that step and can proceed no further.  This is a 
show stopper for the installation feature, unless that gets pulled.  I 
advocate fixing this and turning the Live CD into an easy way to get 
into the software to check it out, then install to disk.

Once in, I found the things I tried out work well.  I was on it for 
about three hours and found no other issues.  However, I was doing 
mostly simple stuff, browsing, using a terminal, and basic stuff like 
that.  The build DID work well for these things, so there is much 
promise, once a few of these details get fixed.

Again, please inform me if I need to take additional steps to get these 
issues properly reported.  If they are already reported and taken care 
of, I'd still like to understand the process so I can hopefully be of 
more help going forward.

Good start, let's keep up the momentum and get this software looking 
really great!


Brian Masinick
masinick at yahoo dot com
Software Testing

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