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Sun Apr 23 19:55:14 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:  I am also working on a logo that might go into the installer; soon, I will upload it for viewing.
     I've also touched up  slightly the usplash.

A small pixmap will be need for the xubuntu-team logo on LP, and one for the icon in the desktop-menu plugin, which currently has the xfce logo (/usr/share/pixmaps/xfce4_xicon1.png) 

                                        What size do you want the icon to be. I have a 32x32 but  I can make it larger in case someone prefers bigger size panel. The icon scales nicely for smaller panels. In fact, I have two versions; the one just the logo and the other includes a button like design with rounded corners. This latter prevents obscuring the logo as some theme changes the color of the panel.

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