Issues with workarounds for the Xubuntu Live CD ISO images recently announced

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Sun Apr 23 18:27:19 UTC 2006


> 1. The Live CD boots up fine, but puts you at a login screen, expecting
> a user id.  However, during the splash screen, I noted that automatic

this is something I forgot to mention in the announcement, thinking it is
ubuntu live stuff, and it is documented somewhere else :)
But apparently it's a bug which seems to only affect the xubuntu liveCD
(maybe edubuntu too
I don't know), that autologin is not enabled for them. Will definitely be
Btw user is ubuntu, and there is no password.

2. I also attempted an installation.  The menus were really nice and
> clean, and the things to do were obvious, but I noted that the time zone
> routines are missing from the build, which means that the installation
> procedure gets stuck at that step and can proceed no further.  This is a

this has been reported today, and will be fixed in upcoming live CDs.

thanks for your feedback
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