Xubuntu Website

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 16 13:45:37 UTC 2006

Hi Xubuntu

I am currently working on the new Edubuntu website (a preview is
available at <http://proto.edubuntu.org> although it's still rough
around the edges).

I have noticed that there isn't a Xubuntu website yet, and I asked on
#xubuntu-devel if anyone is currently working on one. luzi informed me
that this issue was bought up at the last Xubuntu meeting, although no
one has yet volunteered. If no one is, I'd be happy to create and
maintain a Xubuntu site. We currently use Drupal for the Edubuntu site,
and once I have most of that done, it will be easy to adapt the layout,
etc for Xubuntu as well.

I will also be at the next Xubuntu IRC meeting.


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