An xfce-app-install [was: An xfce-app-finder]

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Apr 6 08:56:29 UTC 2006

> What is your philosophy in this? Install as much xfce related apps as
> possible or keep the install minimized and let people simply add more
> apps with an app-install like application? To me it would seem better to
> keep things minimized to keep working with the often less harddisk space
> on older hardware.

There are not many strictly xfce appplications so all will be installed by
So the install is still minimal although the disk size is not yet  the final
I am wondering what disk requirement we should aim for. Ubuntu is at 1.8 or
currently, al large part of that being a copy of the .deb files to the disk,
besides just
installing them.

The ubuntu way of installing a complete desktop environment with even

some duplications in software is probably a bad idea in this case. The

Ubuntu makes a point of _not_ installing duplicates . We don't either afaik.

CD is the default repository so everybody will have it within reach at
> install time, however I don't known what the live-CD to HD install
> options are with installing more packages from the live CD afterwards.

we'll see once the liveCD is  ready.

It the app-install is just to add the huge apps from gnome and kde
> people should install ubuntu or kubuntu and live with the memory
> footprint they will get anyway by installing those gnome/kde apps on top
> of xfce.
> >

it's not just for kde/gnome apps, it's use beside the easy UI is  for 3rd
party apps outside
the ubuntu repos.


PS: If you are going to work on for dropping gnome hard-deps take a look at
the most recent update-manager
package to see how to provide an alternative to gconf. (
Then coordinate your patches with Michael Vogt.
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