An xfce-app-install [was: An xfce-app-finder]

Jurjen Stellingwerff jurjen at
Thu Apr 6 08:21:02 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
>     it uses desktop files .. so there are two possibilities:
>     1) clean of gnome deps gnome-app-install 
> it seems to have few gnome deps, only gconf, directly calling yelp and 
> a few hardcoded app-names.
I want to try and use it with as few dependencies as possible and 
hack-it till it works.
>     2) hack gnome-app-install in a way that will show just xubuntu and
>     xfce pkges.
> it allows installation of gnome/kde and 3rd party apps regardless of 
> what desktop one uses and
> that should not be altered IMHO.Especially since there are not mnay 
> xfce related apps I know of that
> will not be installed anyway by default.
What is your philosophy in this? Install as much xfce related apps as 
possible or keep the install minimized and let people simply add more 
apps with an app-install like application? To me it would seem better to 
keep things minimized to keep working with the often less harddisk space 
on older hardware.
The ubuntu way of installing a complete desktop environment with even 
some duplications in software is probably a bad idea in this case. The 
CD is the default repository so everybody will have it within reach at 
install time, however I don't known what the live-CD to HD install 
options are with installing more packages from the live CD afterwards.

It the app-install is just to add the huge apps from gnome and kde 
people should install ubuntu or kubuntu and live with the memory 
footprint they will get anyway by installing those gnome/kde apps on top 
of xfce.
>     what would u expect from such app ?
> mvo said that it is part of the 3rd party packages spec,whic means 
> that after dapper people can publish dapper
> compatible debs on their sites and by updating the package list via 
> dapper-updates, users can get those packages.
> Jani
By the way the list of packages shown in gnome-app-install is just a 
text file with one package in each line.
The rest of the layout and data is taken from the apt-cache. So it is 
very easy to add/remove applications.



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