Oblio apa_chioara at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 28 16:17:43 UTC 2005

> Hello
> nice list, a good start for the debate :)

Good to have started it :)
> Regarding gnome dependencies, firefox in breezy no
> longer has them (1.0.7)

Great. A major package not needing them. I have been
thinking though, and Opera 8.5 seems a better choice
(lower resources needed, and it has other apps
included). I know it's Qt, but it can use its own

> while those that have need to be studied on a case
> by case basis.Gaim and
> synaptic only indirectly
> depend on gnome for instance, because they use
> launchpad-integration, but
> this will hopefully be solved before

The Office apps should be the first ones to undergo

> long. As for recompiling, it would be better if we
> used the exact same
> packages as ubuntu and not make separate debs for
> xfce. Hopefully it can be
> done.

I know, I hope *buntu will become less Gnome centric,
and more like Debian.

> Maybe the list should be smaller initially, let's
> focus on what users not
> developers need.This way we can postpone the
> vi/emacs battles to when we
> have done more work ;)

IMHO opinion Xubuntu will be chosen by 2 kinds of
people: first of all those with old hardware (mostly),
and secondly powerusers/developers/admins&co. Not many
people know of XFCE... And, furthermore, because XFCE
is small, we cam include some powertoys. And I
suggested vim-python because:
a)vi is the standard *NIX editor
b)evim is included with it - it uses the standard
(Windows) shortcuts
c)python should be the budding programmers language of
choice, and after all we would like to attract people
in the community
d)not to scare those needing less, evim should be
default editor - or mousepad/leafpad

> We should have a core set of apps with no gnome
> dependencies and then let
> users install their favorite kde/gnome apps if they
> so wish, but the default
> should be slim.

I agree, but I saw that a rather fullfeatured Slax (1
app per function) can be <350MB.

> Why mozilla if there's firefox already?
> As a mail client, thunderbird or sylpheed?

Mozilla because it's an app suite, not a single
program. And because I didn't know about Firefox and
Breezy. As per email, not sure, I don't use one. Maybe
Sylpheed-claws? I'll look into it.
> Jani

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