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nice list, a good start for the debate :)

Regarding gnome dependencies, firefox in breezy no longer has them (1.0.7)
while those that have need to be studied on a case by case basis.Gaim and
synaptic only indirectly
depend on gnome for instance, because they use launchpad-integration, but
this will hopefully be solved before
long. As for recompiling, it would be better if we used the exact same
packages as ubuntu and not make separate debs for xfce. Hopefully it can be
Maybe the list should be smaller initially, let's focus on what users not
developers need.This way we can postpone the vi/emacs battles to when we
have done more work ;)
We should have a core set of apps with no gnome dependencies and then let
users install their favorite kde/gnome apps if they so wish, but the default
should be slim.

Why mozilla if there's firefox already?
As a mail client, thunderbird or sylpheed?

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