Oblio apa_chioara at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 28 12:44:05 UTC 2005

Hello XFCE &&U buntu lovers.
I've found out about the Xubuntu project, and i feel
that it is a great idea (better than UbuntuLite IMHO).
I read the wiki, but the proposed goals seem a little
vague, except for moving XFCE to main.
Has anyone drawn up a list of apps (larger than Gaim
and Firefox :P) ?

To start the debate: here's my setup:

XFCE - of course.
Gaim - IM.
Firefox - browser. *
Mozilla - browser.
Gimv - image viewer.
Gvim - text editor; Evim as an easy text editor.
Vim-python for scripting Vim.
Vlc - media player.
BeepMediaPlayer - music player.
D4x download manager.
Gimp - image editor.
Inkscape - vector graphics editor.
Audacity - music editor.
(if it will be packaged) Avidemux - movie editor. *
Evince - document viewer. *
Graveman - CD-DVD burner. 
Abiword - text processor. *
Gnumeric - spreadsheet. *
Gcalctool - calculator. *
Gftp - ftp GUI.
Synaptic - apt GUI.
(until 4.4) Idesk - desktop icons.
Links -g - text mode browser.
DC client. 
DND desktop/filemanager icons - coming with 4.4

Mozilla, Gaim, Gimp, BMP, Gvim, Synaptic, maybe Idesk
should be standard I believe.

*Apps with a lot of Gnome dependecies currently, and
should be recompiled, for a slimmer system (is this


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