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Wed Oct 12 19:40:50 UTC 2005

> Anyway, if there's space left I'd really like to see<>1
> included in the "ship" seed -- many of my students, for instance, will
> probably end up in a mostly-windows world, and unlike abiword, OOo is

abiword is available on windows too. It's gnome integration part is

and openoffice being as resource hungry as it is, conflicts with the idea of
light xfce desktop
imho. But sure if there is space openoffice will be considered too, I do not
decide what goes
on the CD :)

available for windows. If Ivman really works as well as the folks on
> this list say, it would be great to have integrated into xfce4 (upstream
> as well, maybe!). gnome-volume-manager is great but a little heavy as I
> recall.

yes ivman seems to work well, but will have to be configured manually as the
default ivman install
is kubuntu oriented, I didn't have the time to test and upload an xfce ready

Also I think some good documentation is essential, I find the Ubuntu
> docs a little weak even in hte vanilla version. I love xfce4 and use it
> exclusively myself, but it's a little less self-explanatory to linux
> converts than gnome or kde, so better docs would be very helpful. I'd
> love to help with this part of the project in particular.

Right now there is ubuntu-docs package in the default xubuntu-install, so
the firefox
default page is not broken.(points to the doc index)
You mean help documenting xubuntu or xfce itself - it's more or less the
same, but either
way you will probably have to collaborate with the xfce devels/docwriters

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