Display Manager and possible bugs

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 10:36:29 UTC 2005

Hello and welcome

> I am very impressed for the work you've done, especially on the side of
> sound support.

that is interesting, since besides including esound in the package list I
didn't do anyting.
Are you sure you're not running gnome services on startup? I am trying to
make esd
start by default but right now AFAIK it doesn't.

Speaking about the login interface I wanto to remember that ther is also
> wdm that is lighter than both gdm and kdm.

I saw on the ubuntulite.org <http://ubuntulite.org> site that they have
tested that too and it was the slowest apparently

I'd like to report a little bug: on the standard panel of xubuntu the link
> to terminal is broken: it is configured to call xfterminal4, but the right
> name of the terminal executable is xfce4-Terminal (that it's absolutely
> amazing, since it offers almost all the functionalities of the
> gnome-terminal with a weighth that's almost the half).

in the panel or the desktop menu? In the panel it used ot be xfterm4 which
something appropriate in turn, but in the latest xfce4-panel package I took
out the terminal from the panel
altogether. There's only desktop menu, firefox and the standard xfce plugins
(settings, desktops, print, clock etc)

For image viewing I use GQview, that's fast, light and full-featured, and
> fbi for the consoles (fbi can also be a pdf viewer for text consoles).

I use gqview too from time to time. Besides not having sane keybindings for
rotate I like it.

I suggest also grip for cd ripping

that has gnome dependencies. It may be on the CD but not in the default
desktop package.

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