Display Manager and possible bugs

Dott. Giovanni Bonenti gbonenti at missive.it
Fri Oct 7 10:10:58 UTC 2005

Jani Monoses disse:
> Thanks for all the observations, you should raise them in malone and
> assign
> them to user jani in lauchpad.
> If that's not possible just leave them and they will get reassigned with
> someone with more privileges.
> Regarding the display manager I am open to suggestions: how do others use
> xfce?I just startx from the console, but
> that's not acceptable for users. AFAIK xdm does not work in breezy right
> now.
> I saw the ubuntulite people tried various autolog methods but I am not
> sure
> which they chose after all.

Hi to everybody, that's my first post on this list.
I am an ubuntu user with a passion for old-hardware and linux.

I had already installed a "minimal" ubuntu with XFCE and Rox on a Pentum
II 300 Laptop with 256 megs of Ram and it worked just fine.
Yesterday I've installed the xubuntu-desktop metapackage on the same

I am very impressed for the work you've done, especially on the side of
sound support.

Speaking about the login interface I wanto to remember that ther is also
wdm that is lighter than both gdm and kdm.

I'd like to report a little bug: on the standard panel of xubuntu the link
to terminal is broken: it is configured to call xfterminal4, but the right
name of the terminal executable is xfce4-Terminal (that it's absolutely
amazing, since it offers almost all the functionalities of the
gnome-terminal with a weighth that's almost the half).

For image viewing I use GQview, that's fast, light and full-featured, and
fbi for the consoles (fbi can also be a pdf viewer for text consoles).

I suggest also grip for cd ripping

Best regards to all


Dott. Giovanni Bonenti
MikTeX, Mozilla Firefox,
GVim, GIMP on winsucks98
(only at work)
"Onestamente, il jazz sono più quelli che lo suonano che quelli che lo
ascoltano!" (Elio, 19-7-2005)

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