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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 20:50:45 UTC 2005


these days I have been working on getting gnome dependencies out of evince
so xubuntu has
a nice document viewer. The only libs left are libgnomeprintXX since those
are not really gnome libs,
they do not bring in anything else.

The result is a bunch of very ugly hacks (ifdefs, deleted code, some dubious
new code) which
nevertheless make a buildable executable which resembles the original :)
Things which work in the original and not in this one: the help menu, gconf
settings (I am not sure
what evince stored in gconf but at least the max number of recent documents
was there), DnD, external
URI-s in documents. Some things may not work which I overlooked but so far
it seems it handles the same documents as evince
and in the same way - well the core doc viewing and GUI were not touched at
all, that's why.

I still have polishing to do, and I'll make an ubuntu package soon, but if
there are eager testers around who
want to build from source till then - great!

I do not have webspace right now to publish the darcs archive of it so
here's a gzipped patch attached.
to build it you have to have the following libs installed
libmagic-dev, libgnomeprint2.2-dev,libgnomeprintui2.2-dev,libglade2-dev,
maybe even more
the safest is to just do apt-get build-dep evince even if that will bring in
some gnome libs
which will bring in the real evinces buid dependencies and add libmagic-dev

0) gunzip attachement
1) Take the original source from here


2) uncompress it, cd evince-0.4.0
3) patch -p1 <,l.diff
5) ./configure --prefix=/your/home/whatever/bin --disable-scrollkeeper
6)make && make install

now you should have an evince binary in the above path


PS: hmm, maybe I should've just made a .deb
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