Oblio apa_chioara at
Wed Oct 5 16:40:47 UTC 2005

> And a suggestion:
> >
> > Keep an eye on the thunar file manager being
> written for xfce4 as a

Thunar would be great, but I doubt it will be in
Ubuntu sooner than Drake...

> And sorry to jump around, but I was thinking of
> possible pdf viewers.
> > Given the depencies of gpdf and evince, and the
> size (and nonfreeness??)
> > of acrobat reader, is there any other choice than
> ugly xpdf?
> AFAIK there isn't one yet.
> Jani

If we plan on using XPDF (which seems to be a good
choice for low-end machines), why not Ghostview?
PDF+PS - better than XPDF.

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