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On 10/4/05, David Cahill <cahilld at> wrote:
> G'day,
> First, good luck with your venture. I'll do some testing for you when
> release time comes.

Thank you for the wishes.
You can start testing now if you wish by using latest breezy and the
xubuntu-desktop package.

I have a couple of questions though...
> * Are you planning on elimating all gnome dependencies? Bonobo and
> gconf, for example, are fairly pervasive.

yes that is the goal, and so far all apps depended on by xubuntu-desktop are
free of gnome dependencies.

* Are you planning for a volume manager? If so, ivman is worth a look. I
> have in the past used ivman with xfce4 and IIRC all was spiffy. I think
> it is mentioned in the ubuntu-lite doc as well.

How does it compare to pmount? I haven't used either - I know pmount is used
by ubuntu but it is not clear to me where it comes into play with all the
hal/dbus/gnome-volume-manager stack . If there's a relatvely lightweight way
of popping up a window when there's new media inserted it would be very
nice. I think we can do that now by enabling gnome services on xfce startup
but than that means gnome dependencies.
It would be nice if someone could provide more info on this topic.

And a suggestion:
> Keep an eye on the thunar file manager being written for xfce4 as a

yes we know about thunar, but for now we are based on the stable xfce4
branch. For the next Xubuntu (if there'll be one ;) we may already use
xfce4.4 & related software.

And sorry to jump around, but I was thinking of possible pdf viewers.
> Given the depencies of gpdf and evince, and the size (and nonfreeness??)
> of acrobat reader, is there any other choice than ugly xpdf?

AFAIK there isn't one yet.
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