David Cahill cahilld at
Tue Oct 4 12:02:08 UTC 2005


First, good luck with your venture. I'll do some testing for you when 
release time comes.

I have a couple of questions though...

* Are you planning on elimating all gnome dependencies? Bonobo and 
gconf, for example, are fairly pervasive.

* Are you planning for a volume manager? If so, ivman is worth a look. I 
have in the past used ivman with xfce4 and IIRC all was spiffy. I think 
it is mentioned in the ubuntu-lite doc as well.

And a suggestion:

Keep an eye on the thunar file manager being written for xfce4 as a 
future alternative for rox. You can get a sneak preview by sticking this 
in your sources.list:

deb testing main

It is in very early development so don't expect too much.

And sorry to jump around, but I was thinking of possible pdf viewers. 
Given the depencies of gpdf and evince, and the size (and nonfreeness??) 
of acrobat reader, is there any other choice than ugly xpdf?

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