David Cahill cahilld at
Tue Oct 4 12:30:18 UTC 2005

>     * Are you planning for a volume manager? If so, ivman is worth a
>     look. I
>     have in the past used ivman with xfce4 and IIRC all was spiffy. I
>     think
>     it is mentioned in the ubuntu-lite doc as well.
> How does it compare to pmount? I haven't used either - I know pmount 
> is used by ubuntu but it is not clear to me where it comes into play 
> with all the hal/dbus/gnome-volume-manager stack . If there's a 
> relatvely lightweight way of popping up a window when there's new 
> media inserted it would be very nice. I think we can do that now by 
> enabling gnome services on xfce startup but than that means gnome 
> dependencies.
> It would be nice if someone could provide more info on this topic.
Check out the website at

It seems pretty straightforward really. It uses pmount and hal/dbus. 
Would probably require dev/configuration of some sort if you wanted to 
start a filebrowser. As I say I used it before, maybe a year ago or so 
on archlinux and it worked fine for usb sticks.

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