Low resource functionality a possible trade off

Tomasz Witko twitko at rogers.com
Sat Oct 1 21:48:54 UTC 2005

 Thinking of some tinkering and sort of comming to the
conclution that you can do almost as much as Gnome
(fuctionality) as long as it isnt already loaded or
running in the background. This is more of a broad
idealogy than a specific fuction. 

 For example it may be possible to have a GUI right
click system similar to Gnome if it is not loaded but
rather Linked to load quickly. So instead of having a
light click fuction you would have a right click
launcher that would load a component or wigit not
familiar with wigits yet (anyone suggest some
informative reading). The point being that "it is not
taking reasorces till it is needed for use" This may
follow other venues such as GUI configs  menue
fuctions etc. This may also prove usefull if it may be
turned off and on (running or not) pertaining to to
personal use preference. Just for example I was
thinking of using XFCE and totaly loading it with dock
apps but it lacked funtionality.

 Anyways what I am getting at is it is possible to
have large amounts of functionality with a trade off
or it lating longer to utilise these functions where
the other alternative is not having these functions at
all  resulting in a fully fuctional and cusomizable

 It may also be possible to develop a install package
for this in the long run. 

 Viva La Linux Lite 

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