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Sun Oct 2 17:01:05 UTC 2005


An xfce install contains panel icons for applications we will not have in
xubuntu by default, such as nautilus and konqueror, a fact which can cause
confusion for new users. We need to modify the xfce4-panel package to
reflect what will be installed. The files affected are

I think a minimal configuration would be best, as in ubuntu. I would just
put the desktop menu plugin, the web browser - firefox it seems - and the
core xfce
plugins - settings, print, help, shutdown, clock. Thus the issue of default
mailer is solved as we'll probably have both sylpheed and tbird on the cd :)

After we agree on the default panel config, those xml files will have to be
modified. Either by hand or by just tweaking the panel inside xfce and
having the file generated for us. One of the problems is that there are
translations involved so some hand editing may still be required.

If somebody volunteered for this it would be great, or if you know of a less
tedious way to solve it. If somebody is up to it please write to the list so
you won't duplicate work. The files from /etc once edited can be included in
the xfce4-panel package and I'll upload it.

There's a bug for this issue in malone (

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