WizyWIg Config versus GUI configuration

Tomasz Witko twitko at rogers.com
Sat Oct 1 19:58:31 UTC 2005

 I played around with Xfce for a while trying to find
a wm to use as a lite game launcher and the only nit
pics I had was configuing things the way I wanted and
a few problems where making a mistake (extreemly easy)
would wipe out my menu or taskbar. 

 A gnome type GUI config is out of the question but
thought of an idea for a CTR-? launched wizywig
congfig interface loosely based on the Gnome
Configuration editor. The stuff that is there no
dought works but it is not very user friendly.

 This would not run in Xubuntu but would rather be a
small program that runs to update the config files. As
to what would go in it I would use a arangement
simular to Gnome for familarity but would use a layout
similar to Synaptic with a list of sections on the
left config on the top right and possibly a meta
description on the right bottom which may be very

 ANother consideration would be to have a folder with
script files called by the config editor allowing a
place to put custom script files into or to download
and install script files off the forum or web in the
future. Lastly but might be to much is to be able to
add (write) or cut and past script into for future

 The hole purpose of this is not just to make config
easy but rather allowing a user to quickly config and
or recover his wm.
 Anyone else have suggestions?

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