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Colin McDermott colmcd at optusnet.com.au
Sat Oct 1 05:07:13 UTC 2005

In response to Steve>>

Am I right in assuming that the point here is mostly to show off the
capabilities of XFCE, rather than just providing a nice collection of
tools?  Because of course users who know of other software can just
kick up synaptic and install whatever they want anyways.  What we're
really discussing here is the *defaults*, and which packages to
include on the live cd.  Right?  So I suppose they should be mostly

This is how Kubuntu Interprited it's derivative:

    * *Kubuntu uses the solid base of Ubuntu
      <http://www.ubuntulinux.org> plus the latest KDE.* We are part of
      the Ubuntu community and use their infrastructure and support. Our
      mission is to be the best KDE distribution available.
    * *Kubuntu will always be free of charge*, and there is no extra fee
      for the "enterprise edition", we make our very best work available
      to everyone on the same Free terms.
    * Kubuntu includes the *very best in translations and accessibility
      infrastructure* that the Free Software community has to offer, to
      make Kubuntu usable by as many people as possible.
    * Kubuntu is entirely *committed to the principles of free software
      and open source development*; we encourage people to use free and
      open source software, improve it and pass it on.

XFCE is for the Lighter Systems. However you can easily add so many 
extra features to xfce and make it a very bloated system. I believe that 
if you did enough apt-getting you could make it more bloated then Gnome. 
However the point of XFCE was a cholesterol free desktop environment, 
something that is Use able and lightweight. I would imagine that Xubuntu 
would try to offer most of the functionality of Ubuntu but remove some 
of the more cholesterol applications and replace them with functional 
lightweight applications. If this not the case please say so and ill 
leave you be.

 >> Because of course users who know of other software can just kick up 
synaptic and install whatever they want anyways.

True. But if users want say a spreadsheet application they normally can't just fire up Synaptic and type spreadsheet. Naturally you would want to incorporate as much xfce components while making sure it doesn't clog up the arteries. Ultimately it should be at least as fully functional as Ubuntu Itself. 


Colin McDermott
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