Standard way to install xubuntu in Breezy...

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Sat Oct 8 16:23:33 UTC 2005

Yes this is it at the moment, but we will have CD images eventually,
possibly starting sometime next week.This is not a promise though :)
Your translation contributions would be very welcome although I don't know
what needs to be translated :) . The install is ok since that's part of
Xfce is translated in quite a few languages, and the upcoming 4.2.3 release
has even more
and we will bring those changes in for the release.
AFAIK breezy language packs are for gnome and related apps only right?
But the firefox language packs and those of other apps such as gaim
synaptic, and evince wich
xubuntu will have we'll need to include/

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