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> <WDM is only a tiny bit heavier then XDM but a pain to configure. Plus
> A shutdown button is really
> < needed (Most users I know struggle to shut WDM down).
I have looked at both slim and gdm. I made a package out of slim but it is
a bit slow to start (actually to display/stretch the background jpeg) and
does not have
all features needed from what I have seen. No ctrl-alt-bspace support for
I admit to not having tested it much so if others have good experience with
it please say so.

I also looked at what would it take to get gnome deps out of gdm and it
looks doable, it did not
start out as a gnome app so it does not relay on too many of gnome libs.
I am confident I can make a working non-gnome version of it which we could
use, and I think with keeping _most_ features already in gdm. This would
have the advantage of having the same code as ubuntu even one more level up
the stack, it has
support for suspend/hibernate and looks good too.

Again others' pro/con options of gdm are highly appreciated.

I still do not have any numbers on what performance/memory footprint penalty
gnome libs incure
so this chopping out of gnome from evince/gdm may be unnecessary and for
upstream at least, annoying.
I hope I'll have gtk-only packages of both in the future so they get more
widespread testing.

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