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Collins Richey crichey at
Tue Nov 15 04:34:41 UTC 2005

Colin McDermott colmcd at
Fri Oct 7 20:06:32 CDT 2005

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<WDM is only a tiny bit heavier then XDM but a pain to configure. Plus
A shutdown button is really
< needed (Most users I know struggle to shut WDM down).

Please excuse if this has been covered; I'm working my way through the archives.

Shutdown is no problem once you understand wdm. Unfortunately the
default setting for wdm prevents shutdown by a normal user! All you
need to do is change /etc/X11/wdm/wdm-config to the following values
(near the bootom of the file):

DisplayManager*wdmVerify:       false
DisplayManager*wdmRoot:         false

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