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Wed Nov 9 20:27:31 UTC 2005

Hello Matthew,

> * I saw some discussion in your ML archive about a display manager - any
> decisions on this? Obviously, one will be needed eventually ;)

No decisions so far, beyond the initial discussion you saw. I'd like to
avoid ugly xdm/wdm
so it may be a choice between slim and a hacked gdm (not tried yet). Slim is
not fully functional
yet either as seen in it's TODO, ctrl-alt-bspace gets out to console not the
session choser.

After settling the DM we'll have to see how to best integrate it with
xfce4-session as that handles logouts
right now.

* Missing programs - the programs installed by default were pretty nice
> choices, and integrated nicely with the look (sylpheed and others).
> However there is a massive lack of tools for system administration, most
> notably network configuration.

Hopefully there will be some panel plugins for this in the following months
or some non-xfce app.
But generally yes, configuring some stuff is not as GUI driven and polished
in xfce as in kde/gnome. Lack of
manpower among other things.

* usplash isn't working (although there is probably not a lot you can do
> about this)

it did for breezy, have not tried yet in dapper, right now I am running
dapper with XFCE 4.3 from svn
so I do not have xubuntu-desktop installed.

* I look forward to some Ubuntu artwork :)

So far we have the logo I really like, and some wallpapers but hopefully
others will contribute too
so that everybody is satisfied with the looks.

Anyway, hello, and thanks for the metapackage. It looks very smooth. I'd
> never used rox-filer before, it was very interesting to see a new
> approach to usability in file managers. I will have to get used to it,
> but my initial impression is that it is quite intuitive.

For dapper we will probably use thunar as the default. We'll discuss this in
the future as
there's also xffm, so having 3 light file manages with different
philosophies to chose from
is going to be interesting :)

thanks for your feedback
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