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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Nov 9 19:35:43 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I installed dapper a couple of days back and discovered that
xubuntu-desktop was the only one which was installable without broken
dependencies, so I thought, what the hell.

Some remarks:

* I saw some discussion in your ML archive about a display manager - any
decisions on this? Obviously, one will be needed eventually ;)
* Missing programs - the programs installed by default were pretty nice
choices, and integrated nicely with the look (sylpheed and others).
However there is a massive lack of tools for system administration, most
notably network configuration.
* usplash isn't working (although there is probably not a lot you can do
about this)
* I look forward to some Ubuntu artwork :)

Anyway, hello, and thanks for the metapackage. It looks very smooth. I'd
never used rox-filer before, it was very interesting to see a new
approach to usability in file managers. I will have to get used to it,
but my initial impression is that it is quite intuitive.

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mdke at
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