GDM theme and icons.

Trevor Vallender trevorv at
Sat Dec 3 18:07:26 UTC 2005


I expect someone's already done this, but I saw the login screen concept on the wiki and made a GDM theme out of it, if anyone's interested. It's based on the default Ubuntu theme, with icons taken from a Xubuntu GDM theme available on If you want, you can download it from Let me know if you improve it at all, I feel it could do with different icons, and maybe fiddle with the text colours a bit more, but I don't have time right now.

Secondly, I was wondering if any work has been done on deciding on an icon set for Xubuntu? At the moment it seems to be a mishmash of icons that don't really have a consistent look and feel, although this is probably a "fault" of Xfce rather than Xubuntu. Does anyone know how well Xfce works with a Tango! compliant iconset? I couldn't find any info on the net, and what I have read doesn't look too promising, but if it's possible it would be nice to have Xubuntu using Tango! compliant themes, and maybe even the Tango! default set, as I personally feel they fit quite well into Xfce, and GTK in general.

Trevor Vallender

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