Bypassing svscan

Daniel Exbrayat daniel.exbrayat at
Thu May 17 20:43:23 BST 2007

# I use the following stuff which works fine for me

# the trick is to initialize the PATH before starting svscan because
# svscan use it to find supervise.

# svscan
# This service starts svscan DJBDNS utility which in turn starts the
# DJBDNS services belonging to /etc/svscan 
description     "service svscan daemon (part of DJBDNS tools)"

start on network_is_up
stop  on shutdown

pre-start script
end script

exec /usr/local/bin/svscan /etc/svscan 

post-stop script
    for i in `ls -d /etc/svscan/*/`; do
        /usr/local/bin/svc -tx ${i}/
        /usr/local/bin/svc -tx ${i}/log/
end script
# by the way, I am wondering how to show status for each "DJBDNS"
# services. Something like:

status script
    for i in `ls /etc/svscan/`; do
       svstat ${i}/
       svstat ${i}/log/
end script
# last, how to periodically send something like (apart crontab):

svc -a /var/djbdns/dnscache

# this is to save the dnscache cache

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