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Mildred ml.mildred593 at
Sat Apr 21 22:05:42 BST 2007

Le Sat 21/04/2007 à 18:15 Michael Biebl à écrit:
> The complex-event-config branch [1][2] is a try to implement this kind
> functionality.

Thanks, i saw it but I hoped the main branch was able to handle that.
Because as the spec said, there are still problems to be fixed.

Is there many people involved ? It doesn't looks like it ... In fact
I'm now using upstart as primary boot system so i want it to work. I'm
translating standard boot scripts with upstart but it doesn't works
very well yet (still have scripts to translate).
Then I hope my work will be usable for any ArchLinux installation.

Also, is it possible to have clearer boot messages. i mean instead of
the verbose default upstart output (approximately 5 lines by service a
startup) i would prefer tu have a something better with colors. For
example on startup having a single line per service with either OK or
FAIL tags (in green or red) to tell if it was successful or not, and
the same when services stop.

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