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Scott James Remnant scott at
Sun Sep 3 02:24:16 BST 2006

On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 02:36 +0200, martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach Scott James Remnant <scott at> [2006.09.02.1941 +0200]:
> > If we take Ubuntu out of the equation and just consider upstart to
> > be an upstream project, would it be any more difficult to get into
> > Debian?
> We could try, and if that fails, how about you and I team up to
> develop it in Debian; that will certainly be easier than the other
> way around, IMHO.
How would we go about developing it within Debian?  Given that we've
already reached the block that sysvinit needs modification to make it
replaceable, and there are also about a dozen packages that need their
dependencies on sysvinit (which date back to a legacy Debian policy
change) removed.

These changes were easy in Ubuntu, but in Debian require some amount of
hard work persuading people; not in the least the sysvinit maintainers.

Also how would we co-ordinate the changes to the initscripts package,
given that Debian is in a base freeze and these are required for the
edgy release of Ubuntu?

Assuming we can overcome those kinds of obstacles in an effortless way,
there's no reason it couldn't be developed "in Debian" and sync'd into
Ubuntu if you're willing to put in some amount of effort?

Of course, if those obstacles can be overcome, there's also no reason it
couldn't be developed "in Ubuntu" and sync'd into Debian.

> > Is there a better model of development you can suggest that would
> > it make it easier for it to be packaged in Debian?
> See above. Other than that, sure, I have my opinions, but so do you.
> This seems like a difficult problem, but my solution is the above.
> I am open to anything else.
I don't believe you've proposed a solution though?  Other than changing
the upload target, which doesn't appear to solve the problem we first
encountered (that the package, as is, cannot be uploaded to Debian
because a dependency needs changing).

Marco seems to have the right idea here ... maybe what we need to do is
set up a package archive where we can produce a set of packages that are
installable on Debian with the appropriate modifications made.

That way we can change any package we like to fit, and people in Debian
can install them instead of the ones from unstable.

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