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> How would we go about developing it within Debian?  Given that we've
> already reached the block that sysvinit needs modification to make it
> replaceable, and there are also about a dozen packages that need their
> dependencies on sysvinit (which date back to a legacy Debian policy
> change) removed.

Should it be simply removed, or should a virtual "init" package be
created with sysvinit and upstart providing it ?

> Also how would we co-ordinate the changes to the initscripts package,
> given that Debian is in a base freeze and these are required for the
> edgy release of Ubuntu?

If I understand correctly, the "change" in initscripts basically means
rewrite most of them to convert them from simple scripts to Upstart
jobs. Wouldn't it be possible to have another initscripts-upstart
package, which would replace the initscripts package ? 

Anyway, it is safe to assume that upstart won't totally replace sysvinit
and initscripts soon...

initscripts only has a few rdepends: multipath-tools and udev, I hope it
wouldn't be too hard to have these updated.

> Marco seems to have the right idea here ... maybe what we need to do is
> set up a package archive where we can produce a set of packages that are
> installable on Debian with the appropriate modifications made.

As martin said, diverging from Debian too much should be avoided as much
as possible, and made only if we don't get any reaction from affected
maintainers (or negative ones).

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