A few more questions about Upstart

Alex Smith alex at alex-smith.me.uk
Thu Nov 2 16:17:03 GMT 2006

Sean Russell wrote:
> Alex, did you mean to send this only to me?  The Upstart mailing list 
> doesn't add a "reply-to" field, so one has to be extra careful about 
> where the reply is going.

Ach damn. Sorry 'bout that, I'm used to mailing lists with a reply-to 
field set. Is it all possible to add one?

For reference, the message I sent was this:
Sean Russell wrote:
 > Interesting.  I would think that Upstart would require a different 
sort of splash screen; one that would listen to all events and display 
some (more or less) meaningful progress.  It would have to be started 
pretty early (before everything else, basically), and it might, for 
example, listen for all starting events, add them up, and then increment 
the progress bar for every failed, started, or waiting events.
 > Still, at what point is the system considered fully "started"?  It is 
an interesting problem.

Since I am going to use the sysvinit-like runlevels, I would consider 
the system to be up once everything with runlevel-X events have been run.

Just another question - it says on the Getting Started page this: "Note 
that the job file format is not stable yet, so if you upgrade upstart 
later, you may need to fix existing files." What is likely to change in 
the future - I mean, would there be any changes that will break existing 


Alex Smith
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