A few more questions about Upstart

Sean Russell upstart at ser1.net
Thu Nov 2 15:41:02 GMT 2006

Alex, did you mean to send this only to me?  The Upstart mailing list 
doesn't add a "reply-to" field, so one has to be extra careful about 
where the reply is going.

On Thursday 02 November 2006 02:08, you wrote:
> > Still, at what point is the system considered fully "started"?  It
> > is an interesting problem.
> Since I am going to use the sysvinit-like runlevels, I would consider
> the system to be up once everything with runlevel-X events have been
> run.

How does the boot splash application know which services listen for 
runlevel-X events?  And what about event cascades?  Say, service Y 
listens for runlevel-X events, and service Z listens for service Y 
events.  Is the system "up" if service Y starts?  Shouldn't it wait 
until service Z has also been started?

--- SER

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