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Good afternoon.

2008/5/3 Neil Coetzer <ncoetzer at>:

>  Hi Ronald,
> Ubuntu Zim regalia would be fantastic! One of the proposed priorities I
> mentioned was getting ourselves recognised as an official LoCo Team. One of
> the advantages of that would be access to the general Ubuntu regalia that is
> available from the Ubuntu shop. However, I think it would be fantastic to
> have custom Ubuntu Zim stuff done locally. Brilliant idea!!

I will run around and find out how much it costs. Ideas and graphic designs
are most welcome. Does anyone have Ubuntu badges (we had a big roll, when we
hosted Linux Expo two years ago? How do we get the badges from Canonical, I
know they ship a few with the Linux CDs

> Which ftp site appears to be broken? The Yo!Africa one? I know Kalpesh
> said they had issues but they should be sorted out now.

The Yo!Africa one

> I will have to check when I get back to work on Monday, where exactly I
> stored and backed up the site we were working on. I will advise on Monday.
> With regard to project-specific mailing lists:
> Some of the criteria that will eventually be used when we apply to become
> a recognised LoCo Team, is how active our mailing list and forum have been.
> For this reason alone, I think we would have to keep all project
> communications on the existing mailing list and forum. Can I suggest here
> that as an alternative, we make the forum the centre for project
> discussions, as we can have any number of dedicated threads there (which
> members can subscribe to so that they receive e-mail notifications of
> updates). The other advantage of this is that each project might also
> benefit from "outside" ideas which would not be possible on a closed mailing
> list. For example, even though a forum thread is dedicated to a particular
> project, it is still "open" to all, including members of the Ubuntu
> community in other countries who might have engaged in similar projects
> before. In this way we could benefit from outside input too, and wouldn't
> only be limited by the views/ideas of the team working on the project.

Great idea, I will start a thread on the regalia project.

> Thanks for your vote of confidence regarding team leadership! Will reply
> more to that in my next message shortly.

You are most welcome, good day, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

> Regards,
> Neil
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