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Sat May 3 12:30:09 BST 2008

Hi Ronald,

Ubuntu Zim regalia would be fantastic! One of the proposed priorities I
mentioned was getting ourselves recognised as an official LoCo Team. One
of the advantages of that would be access to the general Ubuntu regalia
that is available from the Ubuntu shop. However, I think it would be
fantastic to have custom Ubuntu Zim stuff done locally. Brilliant idea!!

Which ftp site appears to be broken? The Yo!Africa one? I know Kalpesh
said they had issues but they should be sorted out now.

I will have to check when I get back to work on Monday, where exactly I
stored and backed up the site we were working on. I will advise on

With regard to project-specific mailing lists:

Some of the criteria that will eventually be used when we apply to
become a recognised LoCo Team, is how active our mailing list and forum
have been. For this reason alone, I think we would have to keep all
project communications on the existing mailing list and forum. Can I
suggest here that as an alternative, we make the forum the centre for
project discussions, as we can have any number of dedicated threads
there (which members can subscribe to so that they receive e-mail
notifications of updates). The other advantage of this is that each
project might also benefit from "outside" ideas which would not be
possible on a closed mailing list. For example, even though a forum
thread is dedicated to a particular project, it is still "open" to all,
including members of the Ubuntu community in other countries who might
have engaged in similar projects before. In this way we could benefit
from outside input too, and wouldn't only be limited by the views/ideas
of the team working on the project. 

Thanks for your vote of confidence regarding team leadership! Will reply
more to that in my next message shortly.


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