[ubuntu-za] Desktop problems after normal upgrade within 16.04

PietBeukes zabear1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 17:46:18 UTC 2018

Hi everyone.  THURSDAY - a real donderdag for me.

*Re:  Desktop problems after normal upgrade within 16.04*

I did a normal upgrade today (when asked by Ubuntu 16.04 - some 14 or so 
topic names).

After starting up afterwards I got my normal Desktop with folders and 
files, but with no borders or bars & no normal side bar with the Gnome 
applications - just the desktop - very clean. I did shut down and 
started again, same result. It starts normal all the way through until I 
get the desktop (as usual) but then no taskbars or menu bars or such at 

So I'm helpless, cannot access mail, browser, whatever, cannot log out 
even (top and bottom bars fell away).

*Do advise, please. What can I do? *- don't know any coding and have not 
used command-line. If there is something easy to do with the 
commandline, I can try.


Piet - using Ubuntu (for normal human beings - not just for geeks!).

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