[ubuntu-za] Desktop problems after normal upgrade within 16.04

Paolo Gigante paolo.gigante.sa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 18:05:44 UTC 2018

What graphics card do you have? Check if those drivers were updated. I've
had countless issues with the. Especially with Nvidia cards

On 15 Mar 2018 17:46, "PietBeukes" <zabear1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone.  THURSDAY - a real donderdag for me.
> *Re:  Desktop problems after normal upgrade within 16.04*
> I did a normal upgrade today (when asked by Ubuntu 16.04 - some 14 or so
> topic names).
> After starting up afterwards I got my normal Desktop with folders and
> files, but with no borders or bars & no normal side bar with the Gnome
> applications - just the desktop - very clean. I did shut down and started
> again, same result. It starts normal all the way through until I get the
> desktop (as usual) but then no taskbars or menu bars or such at
> top/side/bottom.
> So I'm helpless, cannot access mail, browser, whatever, cannot log out
> even (top and bottom bars fell away).
> *Do advise, please. What can I do? *- don't know any coding and have not
> used command-line. If there is something easy to do with the commandline, I
> can try.
> Regards
> Piet - using Ubuntu (for normal human beings - not just for geeks!).
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