[ubuntu-za] local DNS

Alfred C Stockton alf at stockton.co.za
Sun Jan 28 08:21:40 UTC 2018

Depends on where you want to connect from.
If SSH etc I place the devices name in /etc/hosts on the machine you are
connecting from and then I can ssh pi at rpidev however I need to get to some
of my Raspberries via the internet and there I use afriad.org to handle
the IP to name issue. Like stockton.co.za, another raspberry.
I have also used the machine I want to get to, to send me an email of its
current IP address.

Hi Guys

I have fun little project using an embedded PC running Ubuntu.
(This one is called a "Cherry Blossom", which is based on a "Beablebone
Black", which is similar to, but more industrial than a "Raspberry Pi". 
Who thinks of these names?!)

Anyway, Ubuntu Arm for these device come with:
- g_ether USB gadget, which gives you Ethernet over USB
- isc-dhcp-server, which assigns a fixed IP address to the PC
So with this setup, you can plug the device in any PC and get a
known/fixed IP address to connect to it.

I'd like to add another dimension to it. I'd like to enable DNS on this
network so I can use a hostname instead of an IPaddress.  I could find
many saying that it should already work, but nothing on how to set it up
if it doesn't work.

I'd appreciate a kick in the right direction from anybody that knows.


Alf Stockton

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