[ubuntu-za] Naughty Nautilus?

Jan jan at verslank.net
Sat Feb 11 04:54:12 UTC 2017

Good morning all,

After replacing Nemo file manager with Nautilus yesterday, my Unity 
desktop booted to a black screen this morning:


None of the fixes suggested here helped, so I used Timeshift to restore 
my system which obviously also restored Nemo as the default file 
manager. So now everything is back to normal except for the fact that 
Nautilus, which enabled me to access my wife's system, seems to be messy 
in Ubuntu 16.04.

This is not a major issue because she can access my system, which is all 
that we need at this stage, but is anybody else having issues with 
Nautilus on 16.04 Unity?

Best wishes,


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